Friday, November 26, 2004

Allergy Explosion?

Tomorrow is the two-week anniversary of the boys' adoption. So much has happened that it seems like longer.

When I first adopted the boys, I knew I had a history of allergic reactions to cats, but I also knew of several solid methods to keep those allergies under control. But I started to feel a bit of hubris after not experiencing any symptoms for the first 10 days we had the boys. I had been taking Bioallers extract of animal dander for 2 months before the adoption and I thought maybe I'd developed a resistance.

Suddenly, the past 3 or 4 days, I have started getting sneezing attacks. Is it the boys? Could it be something else? Whatever the case, my fiancee Liz was kind enough to spend the afternoon vacuuming the furniture, mopping the floor, and even grooming the boys and spraying them down with Nature's Miracle Dander Remover spray. These are things we should probably be doing a couple of times a week and hadn't been doing regularly until now. Things seem a bit better, but I still have the occasional sneeze.

Of course, it might not be the boys at all. It might be dust coming from an air vent we just opened or it might be a cold or it might be a combination of things. Anyhow, whatever the case, we'll figure out the best solution. We already have a HEPA air purifier, a HEPA vacuum cleaner, and the anti-dander spray. We just have to use these tools as best we can.

Even in the worst case scenario, nothing changes. Even if I have to live with the occasional sneezing episode, there is no way Liz or I would ever give up our boys. They're family now.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Avram,
Fortunately I'm not allergic to cats, but I know from volunteering at the shelter that many people are allergic. I know you've done tons of research online. I'm just curious whether you've even been tested for specific allergens and if so, what the results were. Do you have a good allergist who would help you with medications or desensitization shots if that is necessary? By "good allergist," of course, I mean one that wouldn't just tell you to get rid of your furry kids ;-) I'm glad you are dedicated to the boys no matter what.

Avram said...

I don't have an allergist at all, but I would like to start looking for one. Problem is I have to get a referral from my regular doctor and she gets to choose who she refers me to.

Anonymous said...

If you find an allergist you'd like to go to, take that name to your doctor and suggest it. Often, unless they have some very specific reason to refer you elsewhere, they appreciate not having to take the time to find one for you and simply refer you there.

Anonymous said...

I have an allergy to cats that went away after I started taking Calitin for other allergy realted reasons. Since then my allergic outbreaks are mild and infrequent - and yes all three of my cats sleep on the bed.

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