Monday, November 08, 2004

Another Reason for Two Cats

Socializing, socializing, socializing. It's hard to argue with the theory that a kitten who has no contact with other cats is going to have behavior problems. My coworker Matt has a really cute cat named Mishka and he tells me that she is the most difficult, irritable cat that his vet has ever seen. So how come she looks so sweet in the picture?

I'm definitely getting two.


Anonymous said...

Avram, Mishka was my cat too! - ;) Natalia

Anonymous said...


It is indeed a good idea to have two kitties. When you are out at work, they keep each other company. Kitties like to socialise, hold conversations with each other and even sleep curled up against each other.

And you will be saving another life ...

All the best,

Carmen and her three feline soul mates

Morven said...

I think two cats is a good idea, particularly two kittens - we got a 2 year old cat in march this year, then an 8 week old kitten in September...Ziggy Kitten drives Sam Cat mad, Sam heads out into the garden just to get peace.
But I think they're getting used to each other.
Mishka is so cute cuddling her toy....Ziggy has a blue hippo he sleeps with!

Morven (sam & ziggy too)