Saturday, November 20, 2004

Beowulf has Bronchitis!

So we're just back from the vet and I have some troubling news. The private vet we visited says that Beowulf's cold is getting worse and is now "like a bronchitis." He gave us a new antibiotic for them and told us to give it a try. He also said that if things don't improve, Beowulf will need a chest x-ray and some more serious treatment. Both cats have a high temperature, though Arthur's infection seems to be more of a head cold and less of a chest infection.

My feelings on this in PowerPoint format:
  • WORRIED (very worried) about Beowulf, though he hasn't seemed lethargic or acted sick
  • ANGRY at Bideawee, the place we adopted from b/c we took them to their clinic on Tuesday and they said it wasn't serious and gave us meds that didn't do the job
  • CONCERNED about the price of the vet bill should x-rays and other expensive treatments be needed
  • IMPRESSED with the quality of care at the private vet we took them to. The place is a little grungy but the people were really nice and spent a lot of time with us. They also said they use the best quality vaccines so we'll be going to them again for the boys' vaccinations.

Most of all, I'm just worried about my boys and want them to get well and stay healthy. Even if I had known that they were sick when I adopted them (the shelter didn't tell us about the colds), I still would have gotten them, b/c after all the searching and all the doubt, I know we made the right decision. They are definitely "our cats."

I just hope we have the 15 to 20 years with them that I described in this post.


Anonymous said...

I understand your concerns and frustrations. In defense of the clinic vet, URIs are very common, and many respond quickly to Amoxicillin, which I am guessing is the first one they gave you. Just like with people, sometimes a medicine that has worked well for a disease in many people, doesn't work for the next person. Vets frequently start with the mildest antibiotic they think will do the job, in hopes there will be fewer side effects. But the stress of going to a new home (even a wonderful, well-prepared home) can cause an infection to take a stronger hold and need a stronger antibiotic.

But I am glad you like the new vet. I also wouldn't want to use a shelter vet long term. Hope the boys both feel better soon.

Heidi3046 from the About Cats forum.

Morven said...

Can you insure pets in the USA? We have pet insurance for our cat Sam, which is around £8GBP per month (around £$16)...if he ever needs big vet fees we only have to pay around £40/ $80 and the company make up the rest.