Sunday, November 14, 2004

Beowulf's Health

I hope Beowulf is ok. He's still very rambunctious, but he has barely touched his food and he hasn't used the litterbox. He has also been sneezing from time to time and his eyes have dirt near them.

It sure sounds like he has a URI. It's Sunday and all the local vets are closed, but we'll try making an appointment tomorrow. Bideawee, the place we adopted from, has a Manhattan branch and they have offered us free medical for 2 weeks.


Caryn said...

I have two cats, and when I brought them home, neither ate for several days. I called a vet, and they said that was normal with the stress of moving and they'd eventually eat when they got hungry. And they did.

Anonymous said...

I like the names you've chosen, Avram. If you're like most of us, they'll evolve to something like "Wulfie" and "Artie," and I'm sure you'll come up with personality-linked nicks, Like "Mr. Snoop" or "Hoover."

You didn't mention what kind of food they're presently getting. I know your plan is to gradually introduce new foods, but until you get Beowulf checked out, you should probably wait on that. Too many changes at once can stress out kittens.

I have a feeling Beowulf is okay. If he isn't eating, he won't poop, but be sure he has enough water. How did they take to your auto water fountain?

Sneezing in itself isn't too much cause for concern, and "dirt" near his eyes may be exactly that. If they were watery, I'd be more concerned. Still, it's a good idea to get both of them to the vet on Monday.

I'll IM you later--



mj said...

I'm with Franny - doubt if anything is wrong, but in any case they should be seen by whoever your vet will be for good. I highly recommend (if that's allowed - no financial motive on my part) the Cat Practice on Fifth Ave. and 20th St. IMHO they are the best diagnosticians in town. If his eyes are rheumy and he doesn't eat and becomes withdrawn I would guess a respiratory infection, too. (I think I misread your initial post and took URI for UTI - so ignore what I said about peeing). But more likely just kitten getting used to his new digs. Good luck with them! They are adorable.