Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bonding Progress, Cause of Some Worry

I think we're making progress already.

We managed to get both boys onto our laps and held them and petted them until they purred and fell asleep on us, Beowulf on Liz's lap and Arthur on mine (picture shows both cats on my lap). That lasted for about 2 hours until I finally had to get up to go to the bathroom and now they're up and exploring again.

I just worry about them, because they keep squeezing themselves into places they really shouldn't go (like the narrow sliver of empty space between the fridge and the wall. If one gets stuck there, we could never get them out. Also one of them nearly got stuck near the dishwasher, because they went to hide in the crevice between the dishwasher and the floor. I'm wondering how to keep them out of these tight spaces.


Jimmy said...

Boarding up narrow spaces to keep out kittens is usually a good idea. Under the counter/dishwasher is pretty easy to do but between the fridge and the wall may be a little more difficult. Even if it doesn't look great, it would probably only be temporary until the cats got too large to fit into those spaces.

Anonymous said...

You can shove towels into these places, too. The tighter the better so they can't pull them out... Tape might work, too, sticky side out of course...

-Phugly's mom or IchBinKLS on the Cats' Forum