Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Cat Home with No Cats

It's a little surreal around here. We have a litterbox, food bowls, a water dispenser, cat toys, but no cats yet. I'm in the middle of catproofing tonight, trying to put small objects away, tie up blind cords and -- as best I can -- put thick wire looms over my wires (not always possible).

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cleolion said...

dear future cat dad:
i'm so happy for you! soon, you will know the true joy of being owned by a cat.
i think it's a great idea that you want to get two - may i recommend a brother/sister team? male and female cats are very different, and you will find them both interesting. your instincts are right about a cat 'choosing you' - when i went to the shelter there were dozens and dozens of cats and kittens, but one stuck her paws out at me and meowed at the top of her lungs that SHE was the one i was to take home. 12 years later, and she remains my very best friend.
from my experience, you don't need to worry about what kind of litter to buy - just get a scoopable kind. when i brought cleo home i set her down on the floor inside the door and she immediately went to find the litter box and use it without me even taking a step.
the kind of food you want to serve really depends more on what you want to be involved with - i always leave a bowl of crunchies out, and open a can every morning as well. don't loose too much sleep buying all organic stuff - a vet once told me that pet food companies spend millions on research, and as long as you're not buying the low-grade cheapo stuff, it's all good. (we do science diet and iams dry and fancy feast canned)
other advice: provide scratching posts and those catnip-scented cardboard scratchers. provide lots of small artificial mice! and my cat's favorite - "scrunchies", which are just little scrunched-up pieces of paper you throw and they play soccer with.
unless you're getting kittens, i wouldn't worry too much about electrical cords, etc.
and finally, set the ground rules early. a very firm and loud "NO" when/if they get up on kitchen counters, for example, while at the same time placing them on the floor, is essential. if they get away with someting a few times, they'll assume you think it's ok.