Monday, November 08, 2004

Choosing an Air Purifier

One of the ten allergen-reducing steps I have already taken is buying an air purifier. As one of the world's premiere geeks, I've never seen a gadget I didn't like so, if nothing else, an air purifier makes a great new toy. I picked up the Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04163, because:
  • It has a digital readout of air quality (I can't resist an LCD Screen)
  • It's relatively inexpensive (I paid $150 for it)
  • It uses HEPA filters, which most people agree are the best
  • It got lots of positive user reviews online

Since I don't have a cat yet, I can't say how well it removes dander, but I set it up and it seems to work well. It says the air quality in my apartment is good.

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