Saturday, November 20, 2004

Concerned About Beowulf

The boys are on antibiotics for their cold. The shelter doctor they saw on Tuesday said they have a slight head cold and gave us antibiotics which we've been giving them ever 12 hours. Beowulf is sneezing a lot less, but he is making a strange noise instead and that worries us. It sounds like he's trying to cough up some phlegm but is unable to do so.

It's Saturday and the Bideawee clinic is closed. I'm not sure whether to hit the panic button or not b/c, aside from making this noise occasionally, Beowulf is as active as ever. Maybe it's actually a sign that he's getting better because he's moved from sneezing to trying to cough up phlegm that he doesn't have.

Depending on how worried we feel, we might try calling the vet around the corner from us (East Bay Animal Clinic) and seeing if they'll look at the boys today. If they do take us, it would be a good chance for us to assess the quality of that vet's services and talk to them about our vaccination concerns. If we go and like them, we will choose them as our primary vet (we don't want to stick with the Bideawee clinic doctors forever, because they're just so busy).

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