Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Could a Sudden Pest Problem Stop Me?

After I finished the last blog post, I discovered that I had an uninvited pet in my bathroom of the cockroach kind. My building has long had roach issues, but they've usually stayed out of my apartment. Now I definitely have to ask for them to send an exterminator, because like most sane people, I hate roaches and they freak me out.

But if I need the exterminator to come and if I need him to come for a follow-up, how does that affect my prospects for getting a cat?

Is the exterminator going to leave toxins around for the cats I plan to adopt? My question, in short, is how do you exterminate roaches without poisoning your cats? I hear that borax is great for killing roaches, but it also kills cats.

Also, won't the food bowls and litterbox be an invitation to more roaches? What's a cat-owner to do?


Anonymous said...

I'd skip the exterminator altogether. The cats will take care of the bugs - no problem. I used to use roach traps in my place, but haven't seen a single bug since getting my cat over three years ago. Plus, it's fun for them. ~ Matt

Anonymous said...

Ask the exterminator what chemicals they will be using in your home, and if those chemicals will hurt your cats. Contrary to what some people believe to be true, some cats will not kill bugs at all, other cats will happily hunt and kill every moving thing!
Make sure you follow all guidelines the exterminator suggests. A reputable exterminator will not want to harm your cats with the chemicals he uses, so he will suggest an alternative, either removing the cats from your place until the chemical wouldn't be ingested by your cats, or he will use something else to get rid of your pest problem.And you're right. Roaches are gross and they freak me out too!

Anonymous said...

I had a little "water bug" (roach) problem about 6 months ago when a building adjacent to mine was doing construction and apparently caused lots of bugs to invade my building. I will say that my cat would stalk the bathroom, where I believe the roaches were coming in, because he loves hunting and eating bugs, but I've noticed that he enjoys tormenting his prey by playing with it first, which sometimes included carrying the roach up onto my bed and batting it around a little, which TOTALLY freaked me out. He would always end up eating the bug in the end but just a warning - cats do like playing with their victims.

Anonymous said...

Where I live we do have a problem with roaches citywide. Most apartment buildings spray once a month. Mine does and as there are a lot of animals in the building they do use one that does not affect the cats. They have been doing this once a month for a year now and none of my 3 have had any problems.

One of mine also likes to "Share" her toys and bugs with me by bringing them on the bed - I think she's trying to teach me how to hunt and kill since they are always alive. She can't seem to figure out why I scream and jump out of the bed so fast I'd break any speed record set. She's not sure why I'm not "Learning properly" but, being the patient cat she is, she just keeps trying (for 9 years she's been trying - did I mention she was patient?)

Anyway, there are ways to spray for the bugs without hurting the cats.

Anonymous said...

You can mix borax and powdered sugar to kill the roaches. I would suggest using it before you get your cats and then using it in a place the cats can't get to (haha) for any subsequent problems. Good luck!

Bridgette Adair said...

Hi there! I think the best thing you can do is to consult providers of pest control services and ask them what methods they use, and if these entail the use of harmful chemicals. If they answer yes, then better find another service provider, one that uses Eco-friendly pest control procedures and methods that are safe for pets. If the use of chemicals is inevitable, try to ask them on what measures you need to take to protect your pet from the harm the chemicals may pose.
Bridgette Adair

Hailey Andersen said...

We used a safer alternative method of roach control in our apartment- I have two cats myself, so I shared this concern. Good luck!