Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Do Real Men Like Cats?

I know there's a belief that cats are a "woman's pet." In her article about Men and Cats, the Oregonian's Deborah Wood writes:

"The feline feminine mystique persists in popular culture -- no one is making a 'Cat Man' movie. This stereotype comes at a cost to cats. Purina reports that 75 percent of cat owners are women. If men adopted cats at the same rate that women do, there wouldn't be thousands of cats desperately needing homes . . ."

Do you have to be a "girlie man" to like cats? I think not.'s Franny Syufy, writes of male cat owners:

"Although he may own them, he doesn't need the typical entrapments of masculinity. He is his own person, and generally is looked up to by others. He may even be macho in appearance, but he retains a sensitivity that surfaces at unexpected times. "

Maybe this will sound strange to some, but I actually think that cats as a species have more positive masculine qualities than dogs.

  • Independent / Self-Sufficient (don't need help going to the bathroom)
  • Neat, Well-Groomed (ability to clean themselves)
  • Determined (born hunters who will kill their own food)
  • Skillful (have the ninja-like ability to climb high surfaces, patrol territories)
  • Refined
  • Polite


  • Needy (have problems being home alone)
  • Messy
  • Dependent
  • Rude (humping your leg, barking at strange things)

Now I'm not slamming dogs; I'd like to get one someday, but I look at it this way:

Cats: James Bond
Dogs: GI Joe

Cats: Bruce Lee
Dogs: Ahnold

Cats: Sherlock Homes
Dogs: Kojack

Cats: Miles Davis
Dogs: Eminem

Cats: Michael Jordan
Dogs: Mike Tyson

If you're a man, who'd you rather be: the tough guy with the messy apartment and the bad breath or the paradigm of cool?


Anonymous said...

I am a man, and have more than one cat in our family.I do not think it detracts from my masculinity at all!

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that I think men who love cats are the coolest. They don't need a macho pet to reinforce their masculinity, and their personalities are sensitive enough to fully appreciate the nuances of cats' own individuality.

I have three cat men in my family, and no one would DARE call them "girlie men." I'll take the "paradigm of cool " any day!


Ole Brumm said...

LOL!!! I totally agree with you! Cat guys have waaay more class!

Brainy Blonde said...

I find it ironic that men oftentimes think they're too macho for cats- yet cats are the cool macho independent ones if you ask me.

It's those sniffly begging annoying dogs that they think are more masculine? Ya Right!


Anonymous said...

i love cats.....dead ones

Alison said...

Nice blog!

My man Hank is a major cat man, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I write about how our cats only want to sleep with him, and stuff like that, at

Anonymous said...

i love cats.....dead ones- lol me too

Anonymous said...

Yep, as a burly, manly catman, I wholeheartedly agree that cats make great pets for both men and women.

Anonymous said...

I like cats - they don't need masters . They can take care of themselves . What kind of man has time for those needy
" dogs ? Cats are are the coolest .