Saturday, November 27, 2004

Family Cats

Last night, we had a large group of guests visit our apartment. You see, a lot of my relatives were in town for Thanksgiving and they wanted to stop by and see me, meet my fiancee Liz for the first time, and see the boys.

I was a little concerned before they came that the cats would hide or just run away from all the people, but they were very good with the famly. They enjoyed being picked up and petted by all the different people. We even let my cousin Naomi and her husband Jay sleep on the couch and Beowulf slept on Jay's arm.

I don't see my cousins more than once a year, if that. So any visit I have with them is special, but this visit was made really special by the boys. Watching the boys and playing with them really brought us closer. I once had a friend who said that her family's cat had "held the family together." At the time, I couldn't understand how an animal could play such an important role in human relationships. Now, I know what she meant.

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