Friday, November 12, 2004

From One Furry Face to Another

When I was out there in the dating world, I got a wide variety of different reactions to my facial hair (I have a red beard). Some women thought the beard made me look more mature or more kind. Others thought it made me look unkempt and tried to convince me to shave.

What will a cat think of my facial hair? Funny you should ask, because there have been a few studies conducted on the subject. In "Feline Reactions to Bearded Men," Maloney et al showed cats pictures of men with different kinds of facial hair and gauged the cats' reactions. Their conclusions:

  1. Cats do not like men with long beards, especially long dark beards.
  2. Cats are indifferent to men with shorter beards.
  3. Cats are confused and/or disturbed by men with beards that are incomplete and to a lesser degree by men whose beards have missing parts.

I think my beard counts as "shorter" so I should be ok, but all you guys with goatees and soul patches need to move on. Those trends are over and you're disturbing the kitties!


Anonymous said...

>>>Cats are indifferent to men with shorter beards.<<<

Which begs the question: Would Spike be more interested in you if you shaved? Please don't! I only say that because several times you have described his reaction to you as "indifferent."


Avram said...

He was indifferent to my fiance Liz too, though.