Wednesday, November 24, 2004

High and Dry

One thing I can say about the boys is that they sure like heights. Some evidence of this phenomenon:
  • Every day they climb on a new surface, higher than the one before
  • They would not sleep in their bed or use their little kitty condo until we put them on top of the couch and chair respectively. Now they use them all the time.
  • They now come up to us and meow, as if asking to be picked up. If we pick them up, they seem pretty content when we're walking around the room carrying them. They like to peer down from our arms just to see how high up they are. However, if we go to sit down in a couch or chair and have them on our laps, they get bored much more quickly and want to get off.
  • Arthur tried to climb into my lap my scaling my pant leg the other day. It didn't work, but he tried.

I hear that all cats like heights, right? I just hope we can stop them from liking our dining room table so much.

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