Monday, November 22, 2004

Is it Snot or Not?

So yesterday we had a strange and funny incident involving Beowulf. The vet asked us to get a sample of Beowulf's mucus so they could test it. Unfortunately, he kept sneezing and then cleaning himself before we could swab a sample. Finally, he was sitting on Liz's lap and sneezed. She quickly held his head still so he couldn't lick it up and I rushed to grab the sterile swab kit. I had to hold him still while Liz swabbed his nostril. I don't think he's forgiven us yet.

Meanwhile, Liz took the swab to the vet's today and they said they'll look at it, but we don't know if it has enough fluid on it for them to find anything. Will they send it to the lab and tell us we have "cotton?"

P.S. -- Yes, I've been dying to use the headline "is it snot or not."


Anonymous said...

Hmm, can't say I've ever collected snot for the vet, but she does ask what it looks like when we tell her a shelter cat seems to have a URI. Generally thin and clear is better than thick and green. Same for eye goobers. OK, too much information. So what did the vet say about Beowulf's sample? Are the new meds helping any?


Caryn said...

Heh, you got to use your fave headline. :)

Avram said...

The vet hasn't gotten back to us yet about the sample. We don't even know yet whether or not there was something usable on the swab.

The boys do seem better; they are more rambunctious than ever and coughing / sneezing less frequently. However, I won't stop worrying until they stop completely.

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