Monday, November 15, 2004

Is this What Parenthood is Like?

Liz and I haven't slept much for the past two nights, because we've been worrying about "the boys." They aren't allowed in the bedroom or bathroom so when we go to sleep at night, we wonder about what they're doing out in the livingroom.

When we're up, we keep trying to keep them away from dangerous spots. This morning, they took to climbing all over (and chewing a little) all the electrical wires behind my desk and the TV. We sprayed the wires down with some Nature's Miracle pet behavior spray to no avail. Then we caught Beowulf chewing some carpet from the base of their scratching post and then chewing the plastic litter-liner bag.

What happens if they swallow some of the things they're chewing? How do we stop them? Ugh!


Anonymous said...

You might try some other sprays like bitter apple. Make sure they have plenty of their own toys to chew, like catnip stuffed burlap bags or furry mice. Be sure not to leave anything string-like out when they are unsupervised. If they start to swallow string, they can't get it back out and it can cause major GI problems.

Hopefully if they eat some non-food item, they will be able to bring it back up. One of my cats eats foam pipe insulation at my mom's house, then barfs it up on her white carpet. He also eats the fur from the little play mice, leaving only the beady plastic red eyes and the mushy innards. Ick. He's made it to 8.5 years old so far; hope his luck holds out!

(PS I work with Shirlie Sharpe at her "temporary" lab job--she is excited about the boys, too!)

mj said...

Do wrap cords in those plastic tubes they sell at Gracious Homes (and probably any hardware store). If they bite into an electrical cord they're toast.

If they do scratch your furniture (and you should have a scratching post for them ASAP - get a sturdy one that won't move when they scratch it and one long enough to accommodate them stretched full length on their hind legs when they're grown - good ones aren't cheap - mine cost about $80. I blocked the opening under my stove with cardboard until mine were too big to squeeze under there.

Doubt your little fella has a URI - watch for peeing outside the litterbox for that.

Anonymous said...

I remember kittenhood, and yes I didn't get much sleep either the first few days! I would suggest giving them appropriate things to chew on, like straws tied up into a knot, or toys. Maybe that'll help in preventing them from chewing other things that they shouldn't be.

Avram said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I have gotten some wire looms but even they can't cover every possible inch of wire and plug. I wonder about that bitter apple spray.

I just bought them some chew toys and they seem to enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Since we don't flush our litter down the toilet and having litter sitting around can be smelly, we use paper bags to empty the litter box into. The kind we use are the cheapest paper "lunch" bags that we can find. I keep the bags, a duster/dustpan set, and the scoop right next to the box. You could also use the plastic grocery bags, but some bags are supposedly made with fish oils that attract kitties to chew on them. Instead of litterbox liners, I spray the box with non-stick cooking spray and then pour the old litter into a bag (because my kitties like to eat some plastic bags).

Elle said...

We have never done any kind of anti chewing treatment on the wires in our home and have had no problems with chewed wires in 3.5 years. The one time we used a cat-away type spray it had NO EFFECT whatsoever.