Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Litter, Litter Everywhere

My fiancee Liz and I have been extremely diligent about following the steps and advice given out in's litter box maintenance tutorial. We got a box, a matt in front of it, we scoop it daily, and have been changing out the box twice a week (something we don't want to continue indefinitely b/c of the cost of litter).

We've been proud to use Swheat Scoop litter, because it is a safe, all-natural litter that doesn't pose any of the health risks associated with clumping clay litter. That said, there's litter everywhere!

The boys are tracking little pieces of litter onto the floor by the box and sometimes even into the livingroom. Granted, they are pieces of clean litter, but still -- who wants little crumbs all over the floor? We have a rubber matt in front of the litterbox that collects some of the litter, but obviously not all of it. Any advice?


Anonymous said...

I can't really offer any solutions except to say that I sympathize with you! I use the same type of litter and have a mat in front, etc. I just make sure I sweep on a regular basis....It was a nightmare when I first tried those little litter crystals that are round little balls of silicone! My cat would splay them everywhere and then enjoy batting them around on the floor! Do you have cat paper as well? Maybe that helps?

Avram said...

My understanding is that cat paper is for problems with extra spraying or missing the box. Our box is hooded and our boys don't have that problem.

I just bought a Dirt Devil cordless handvac this afternoon and I'm hoping it will make the little cleanups easier.

socidoc said...

Ooooohhh... a hooded covered catbox... I would NOT recommend that!!! Hey, how do you think it smells INSIDE that cooped-up stink-maker? Think of the poor kitties while they are doing their business! Please, re-think that. Use a high-topped Rubbermaid clear plastic container from your local Target or K=Mart. Please! Honest, I am concerned here. It may be more convenient for you, but it can't be very pleasant for the guys! :-)