Saturday, November 20, 2004

Looking for Pet Health Insurance

After today's vet visit, there is no doubt in my mind that our boys need health insurance. Just having them looked at by the vet was $70 a cat and I hear that's not a high price. I've posted on the Cats forum looking for advice on the two major brands of cat health insurance I've heard of: QuickCare and VPI.

Here are the details. Please chime in with your advice and experiences with any of these:

QuickCare's Indoor Only Cat Plan (my cats are indoor only)

VPI Superior Plan

VPI Standard Plan

IMHO but not in reality, this expense and any future expenses relating to their present infection should be paid for by the Bideawee shelter that sent them home with us without telling us about their respiractory problems (but that's a whole different rant). Anyway, even if they had told us, I still would have wanted them, because they're definitely "my cats," the ones I went to so many different places to find.


Anonymous said...

I looked at both the websites. I'm not sure how the premiums compare, because you have to fill in the pet info to get a quote, but it looks like the VPI policy may cover a lot more. I would want a complete schedule of covered conditions from QuickCare before getting their policy. From what is shown on the website, it wouldn't even cover the kittens current condition.

Heidi3046 from the About Cats forum

Anonymous said...

I have purchased the VPI superior pet plan and it will cost me roughly $22-$25 dollars a month. It covers routine visits, vacinnations, emergency car, surgery, etc... with no deductible. The only caviat is that you must pay for these services at the point service was rendered. You must give the vet the insurance form to fill out and you must file the clain for reimbursement. The insurance company will reimburse you what they feel is the maximum they allow for each service/proceedure. Sort of like some human health insurance plans. I don't have my cat with me yet. I have adopted a kitten who will be with me in a few days. But I purchased the insurance in advance because there is a fourteen day waiting period for processing your application. I figure Leo will be covered by the time the policy takes affect (the 20th of this month). My point is that I'd rather pay the $200+ per year rather than have no coverage at all. I made this mistake with my former pet, a beloved Cocker Spaniel who is now deceased. Her medical bills cost me thousands. I feel good about my decision to insure my pet this time. HOpe this helps. Katarina