Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My Cats' Future?

My friend Bob, who runs a car blog, sent me this picture of his daughter Abbe reading to their cat, Mr. Peterson. Bob's story about his daughter and "Mr. P" really sums up my hopes and dreams for my boys.

Bob and his wife adopted Mr. P and his brother Simon long before they decided to have children so seeing a new baby come into the house was obviously a change for the cats. Not only have they adjusted, but Mr. P is a great companion. According to Bob, Mr. P follows Abbe around everywhere and he even cries for her when she leaves the room.

Liz and I are not about to have children in the near future, but we plan to have some eventually. I hope that our boys will be there to welcome these new family members as well as Mr. P has welcomed Abbe.

For those of you about to combine cats and children, has some good advice on introducing a cat to your new baby.

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