Saturday, November 13, 2004

Name Game

Well, it seems that Madison and Lexington are not appropriate names for the boys. My fiancee and I have been having heated discussions over the possibilities:

NY Names:

Astor and Bleecker
Broadway and Ludlow

Disney Names:
Tigger and Pooh

Greco-Roman Names:
Socrates and Plato
Icarus and Daedalus
Augustus and Octavius

Sci-Fi Names:
Duncan and Conner
Spock and Kirk


Anonymous said...

If you're a pop culture fan, of course your choice for male names would be either "Soda" or "Seven".

Anonymous said...

I vote for Astor and Bleeker. Or you can leep Lexington (think Lex). Murray (Hill) and Soho. Or you can just name them both Matt. Your call. ~ Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi Avram,

It's Heidi3046 from the cat forum. Just wanted to say the little boys are adorable, and that they're young enough I'm sure they'll bond with you. You've put so much work into being prepared, there's no way they won't be able to sense how much you wanted them.

As for names, don't feel like you have to name them the first day. Give them a few days to show their personality, and to see what names they respond best to. Sometimes, when you least expect it, a cat will tell whisper it's name to you. And as I'm sure you know, if you google "cat names" you'll find lots of websites with great ideas for names based on everything from color and markings to pop culture, literature, music, etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

I would go for Spock and Kirk, Astor and Bleeker, Sherlock and Watson, or something like that. We've found that it's best for us to have something catchy and easy to say, and short-ish...2 syllables... with clear consonants and long vowels...we had Shmoopy, Fancy, Pearly, Puditat (Poody), Katie....and long ago, I had Simon. For a brother and sister pair, I named the male Mac and the female Beth... Naming kittens is a big part of the fun, and we find that after a few days we go through several names until we hit upon one that fits their personalities. The google search for cat names is great and fruitful!

Congratulations on getting the have just stepped off the edge of a precipice and you will never turn back! You will be enslaved and love every second of it!
We just got a kitten, also born on or about September 1st, and she is a dark orange and beige tabby...named GG...for Gabby Goldie...her pictures are posted at the cats forum ....we go overboard with pictures! We're smitten!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Kats! You are going to love it!
As for allergies, I wrote previously to give you hope...I'm the one who overcame my cat allergy with love and the inevitable ingestion of a ton of cat hair over the years! LOL
Enjoy their kittenhood, before you know it they will be fully grown, own your home, and YOU will be sitting on the floor!...smiling all the while!

Morven said...

Ziggy was Gus, Olly, Tigger, Jack, and a few others before we settled on Ziggy because he has ziggy-zaggy bits in his coat. It also just sort of stucka nd he seemed to respond to it!