Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Price of Pets

So how much have I spent so far on my boys?

  • Adoption Fee: $140
  • Litterbox: $30
  • Food Bowls: $10
  • Water Dispenser: $12
  • Litter Bags: $40
  • Cans of Food: $30
  • Bag of Dry Food: $7
  • Cleaning Wipes: $7
  • Deterrent Sprays: $20
  • Toys: $20
  • Emergency Vet Visit: $156
  • Soft Carrier: $45
  • Scratching Post: $20
  • Kitty Condo: $20
  • Grooming Tools: $20
  • Hand Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning up litter: $40

The moment you see in this picture: Priceless

1 comment:

Nic said...

Hi Avram,
I know it's 18 months since you posted this but when I stumble across a blog I always like reading it from the start. I love this picture!

We adopted our two as young adults (mum 2 or 3 years, daughter 1 year approx) for similar reasons - I wanted two cats so they would have company. As I type this, Lilly is sprawled across the desk, making access to keyboard and coffee difficult and Stella is scratching at the carpet - sadly after 9 years it's a habit I've no been able to break! My hall carpet is always tatty, the house always smells of cat and my clothes are always covered in white hair - but would I change it? Hell no!

And the best bit - see yesterday's entry on my blog...