Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Putting My Mind at Pest

So I posted about my pest dilemma on the About.com cats forum. I got some good responses. Some users suggested I put cucumber peels on the floor or create home-made roach traps. I'm not sure I'm ready to go that far yet since I have only seen one roach and traps seem designed to attract more roaches.

I got some good advice from a coworker, though. He said "I'd skip the exterminator altogether. The cats will take care of the bugs - no problem. I used to use roach traps in my place, but haven't seen a single bug since getting my cat over three years ago. Plus, it's fun for them."

I guess time will tell. 99% of the people in my apartment building already have dogs or cats and they are dealing with the same problems I am. I'll try to find out what they do.


FelineFriends said...

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but cats don't kill instictually -- they have to be taught. The mother of 3 feral kittens taught them how to hunt for food to survive and nothing was safe even though they never went without cat food. On the other hand I had a cat whose mother was very old when she gave birth to the one and only and never taught her to hunt, and although she chased and caught birds, etc., she had no idea how to (or even why she should) kill them. That was 40 years ago before we learned that cats should remain indoors, be neutered BEFORE the first litter of kittens and should NOT be given milk. Live and learn.

Timmy said...

Being that I am a cat myself, I feel most obligated to comment about this pest problem you seem to have. I have never seen a roach before but I think that if I did, I'd eat him! I love to go "buggin'" and get really excited when I find one :) Just be careful, some buggies are for looking and not eating... but for the most part, us poodie tats like to munch on em!