Monday, November 08, 2004

Somewhat Allergic, But Totally Determined

I first decided I wanted a cat several months ago, but I was concerned b/c I've gotten watery eyes and a runny nose many times when visiting people who own cats. I talked extensively with Franny Syufy, and she started a thread about my allergy problem on the Cats Forum.

Franny also showed me her article on 10 steps to decrease cat allergies. Among these simple steps a few stood out to me:

#2. Don't let cats into the bedroom so there is no cat allergen where you sleep -- makes sense

#4. Use HEPA air filters in rooms where your cats frequent -- sounds like a reasonable solution to the problem of airborne dander

#5. Vacuum up cat allergen with a high grade HEPA vacuum cleaner twice weekly -- I already have a HEPA vacuum so no problems there.

#8. Clean Your Cat -- I'd heard that there were dander-removing shampoos and solutions before, but this just reminds me of their importance.

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joanne said...

I am getting my house ready for my very allergic son in law. My last and most dreaded job will be washing my cat in a allergen reducing shampoo that I got at pet-rite. Are my efforts going to be in vain, because I know my cat is going to freak out when I wash him!