Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Such Good Boys

So the boys went to the vet today and were pronounced to be in pretty good health, except for two things:

  1. The roundworm they already had which they are being treated for
  2. A head cold for which we were given antibiotics to be administered twice daily for 10 days.

They were found not to have any fleas. Of course, they need to return for another worm treatment in another 10 days or so.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And you're learning one of the harder chores right off -- giving cats medicine. Is it pills or liquid? Do you need to wrap them in a towel to administer drugs? And who is doing the medicating - you or Liz? I used to do all the medicating until I had to go into the hospital, and then my husband (the big softy) had to take over. But he handled it like a trooper (like he had a choice).

Have you decided who cleans the litter box? Do you have separate roles in their upbringing or do you both share?
Hubby is the fun parent who feeds and plays with them, and gives them treats, and worries obsessively. I'm the one they come to for comfort and cuddling, and just worries. It's the roles THEY chose for US (well, not the worry part).

How soon before they're neutered?

I don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but you should really have a cardboard scratching post that lays on the floor. Also practice golf balls (or ping pong balls) make the greatest toys, and the're fairly inexpensive.

BTW, I am also allergic, with asthma, to cats, but I've developed an immunity to my own. My allergist told me to keep the cats out of the bedroom, but we don't. Now I'm afraid if I did that, hubby would go sleep with them.

Good luck with the medication!

Avram said...

Actually, we don't need to wrap them in anything to administer drugs. Liz picks them up, pets them, and holds them firmly with one hand, and gets the dropper into their mouths with the other. It takes several attemps with Beowulf to get the medicine into his mouth, but it's easier with Arthur.

They already have been neutered, about a week before we adopted them.

We also have a scratching pad on the floor and a scratching post for them too. They use the post a lot more than the pad. We got them catnip balls that they didn't like, but we also bought a bunch of chew toys that are ring shaped or look like fish and these they do like.

Anonymous said...

This is fairly easy information to research on your own and since you seem to be really good at doing this kind of research, you may know this already, but...

Kitty "colds" are often viruses. Feline Herpes virus is one of the most common. Symptoms will often include sneezing, congestion, and/or goopy eyes. The antibiotics that your vet gave you will help with secondary infections, but will do nothing for the virus itself. Also, your kitties will likely have this virus (laying dormant) for the rest of their lives and have a relapse during times of stress. I say that both have it because it is very contagious. A good home, good food, and a stress free life will take care of many flare-ups in the future.

One thing that I use with my cats and we use at the rescue organization where I volunteer is L-lysine. It's an amino acid that humans also use for blocking herpes virus. It won't get rid of the virus, but it can help block it and help the kitty get over it in a shorter amount of time.

Most kitties will eat it crushed up in food because it doesn't have a strong taste. We give 500mg a day during sneezy symptoms. If it doesn't help them, it won't hurt them either. This is why we give it to all sneezy kitties without doing tests to ensure the virus is Herpes.

Also, A very good site to know about is: www.vetinfo.com

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I have a sign of herpes site/blog. It pretty much covers sign of herpes related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

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Morven said...

they are so gorgeous...love their great big medallion tags!