Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving with the Boys

This year, it feels like Christmas and Hanukkah came early (the day we adopted the boys), but Thanksgiving started late. Before we adopted the boys, we had planned to go visit my in-laws on Long Island and stay with them for two days. However, as soon as we brought the boys home, it became clear that we can't leave them alone overnight, at least not at this early stage of their lives.

So my fiancee Liz went out to stay with her parents Wednesday night and I stayed home with the boys. I fed them, gave them their antibiotics, and played with them. Finally, Thursday afternoon I took a train out to Long Island for dinner. As I write this, I'm sitting in my in-law's livingroom and looking forward to taking the train back in a couple of hours and seeing the boys.

Even though I've left them home alone for only a few hours, I'm still worried about them. They usually get their evening feeding of wet food at around 7 pm, but today I gave them a 1:00 feeding and left dry food out for them. If they seem hungry when we get home, we'll give them another can of food.

It's clear that they prefer the wet food to the dry, because we can leave bowls of dry food out all day and they'll eat just a little bit of it while they devour their wet food in a matter of minutes. I hope they're not too upset that we changed their wet food time today and I hope they don't end up going wild and chewing things while they wait for us to come home.

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