Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Treat or Trick?

I went shopping this evening at a couple of local pet stores. I got a lot of the items from my shopping list. I put off buying the food and litter b/c I want to see what kinds of food and litter my cats will be "used to" from the shelter.

Also, I have to say that I'm a little overwhelmed by certain choices:

  • What brand of treats should I buy? I know the key is to avoid additives and fillers, but it seems like most of the treats brands I saw more filled with byproducts. Which kind is healthy?
  • What kind of cat tooth paste is best?
  • What do you look for in a pet bed?

I've posed some of these questions on the Cats forum. Please log in and give an answer if you can.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. I've always used the Pounce treats (the hard ones, not moist ones) and all of mine have loved those.

2. I've never used a cat toothpaste, I use dry food and when they go to the vet for their annual checkup he checks their teeth and sometimes scraps a little tartar but they have never really had a problem since I only use the dry food with an occasional wet one for a treat. My vet said they never needed to have their teeth brushed and not to bother with it. Works for me.

3. All cats know that the big bed in the bedroom is the "Cat Bed" and act accordingly - LOL. Mine would look at a so called Cat Bed and then look at me like, "Well it's a little small but if you can fit yourself in there, go for it. We of course will continue using OUR bed in the bedroom." The same goes for all my family and friends with cats so I wouldn't even think about getting one unless you really wanted to risk spending the money and having it sit there never used.