Saturday, November 20, 2004

Vet Appt Today

So we called East Bay Animal clinic (the one around the corner) and they were kind enough to give us a 1 pm appointment today. Technically, this is an emergency appointment to find the cause of the strange phlegm-coughing noise (see my previous post) that has emerged in the last day.

On the bright side, this visit is a great opportunity. This is our first visit to an independent vet (the last vet was the shelter clinic) and it's our chance to interview this vet and see if he/she are good enough to be our primary-care physician.

I'm going to be printing out Cats Guide Franny Syufy's article on selecting a vet and taking it with me to the appointment. She has some great questions to ask, including a personal favorite of mine:

"Do you use the VASTF protocol for vaccinations?Because of the risk of vaccine-related sarcomas, the VASTF task recommends specific protocols for the site of injections, as well as their frequency."


socidoc said...

... eagerly waiting to see the results of your vet visit... one of my kitties is going in for surgery next week for a suspicious lump on her neck (near the vaccination site)... hopefully it won't be cancer, but I am worried. Let us know how your kitties are doing! :-)

Mindy said...

Your cat may be trying to clear his sinuses. Or he could have a hairball. It's hard to know what he's doing when you can't hear it for yourself! I remember when I was a new pet owner, we probably helped my vet by a vacation home, because we took our animals so often. We didn't have enough experience to know what was serious and what wasn't. The kittens are really cute!