Monday, November 08, 2004

Which Cat is my Type?

Once I decided to adopt a cat, my first logical question was "what kind of cat should I get?" I read Franny's article on choosing a cat. She outlines 4 different decisions you'll have to make:

  • Male vs Female: Franny writes: "Personality-wise, there really isn't a lot of difference between the sexes." But I'm a cat sexist and I want a male cat. All the fictional cats I've admired over the years are male: Garfield, Morris, Baxter, even Toonces the Driving Cat. I just think male cats have that "I'm too cool to let anything bother me" attitude that I admire and want to emulate in my own life. If I get two cats, one can be female, but at least one has to be male.
  • Pedigreed Cat VS "Moggie": In the dog world, some people are really into breeds and having purebred animals. I get the sense that cat owners don't care that much. I have to say, I really don't care too much about my future cat's lineage as long as he has the qualities I'm looking for.
  • Adult Cat vs Kitten: Franny makes the argument that "grown cats often are more "user-friendly", and will be ever-so-happy to find a new home," but I really want to experience the full life cycle of a cat. I'm willing to get a cat that's a in the middle of kittenhood (say 6 months to 1 year old), but I think anything older than that and I'll miss out on some of the fun.
  • One or More: Franny suggests that two kittens are better than one and, after reading her article, I tend to agree. Afterall, if I were a cat, I wouldn't like being the only one of my kind in the household. Besides, adopting two cats gives my fiancee and I the chance to each have one cat we like best.

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mj said...

I think you might consider a long-haired cat if you're allergic. Seems counter-intuitive, I know, but I have wild allergies/asthma and have found that I can only live with long-haired cats. Apparently they groom themselves less frequently than shorthairs, less saliva to dry and flake off into the air, fewer allergens (of that sort). Tried to adopt two black kitten brothers some years ago after one of my two long haired rescue kitties died and ended up having to rehome them - my asthma was out of control. If you want to consider this look at Persian Rescue on the internet - no shortage of fabulous cats wanting homes there.

Also, totally agree that orange male cats are - in my experience - real loverboys. Won't ever be without one. I have also found that, unlike dogs, same sex cats seem to do better together than one of each. Finally, I just took in a 5 - 6 year old fella that had fallen on hard times in the Midwest. He is the most full of fun, wacky, loveable cat I've ever had, so don't let age fool you. And I totally agree with the person who posted that all cats in shelters are likely to be subdued - even for a while after coming home with you. You'll just have to go with your gut and your heart and the kitty gods will surely bless you.