Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Arthur's Eye Acts Up Again

You may recall the drama a couple of weeks ago when we discovered that Arthur's right eye was swollen, oozing puss, and half closed. At the time, the vet gave us some antibiotic ointment that we put in his eye for a week. The eye itself was a lot better even before we made it to the vet.

Now, today, we notice that Arthur's left eye is swollen, though not as badly. It actually looks like the skin flaps around his eye are swollen and the eyeball itself does not look that bad. We've taken the same ointment and put it in his eye a few times. If things don't get better in a day or two, it's back to the vet we go. Still, his eye is not as bad as it was last time. Could this be a chronic problem? Could it be feline ocular herpes?


Anonymous said...


I am not a vet, but at the cat shelter where I volunteer and sometimes help with vet visits, we've only had one case of ocular herpes, and it looks pretty bad and lasts a long time compared to the usual kitten URI goober eyes. I think you are taking the right approach to use the antibiotic and monitor for a day or two. Now that you've established a relationship with your vet, you might also call to describe the situation and get some advice and reassurance from them.


Avram said...

The vet we use is a nice guy, but hard to reach by phone. Also, this vet practice has different doctors on different days. Every time we have gone, we got the Friday / Saturday guy. I imagine that he won't be around this Friday or Saturday, due to the holiday. I'm hoping Arthur's eye improves noticeably by tomorrow.

That said, this incident is much less pronounced than the previous one. He is moving his eyeball around just fine, but he is winking or half-closing the eye a lot. The skin around the eye is inflamed, but the eye itself looks pretty clear. Is this the kind of thing that we can expect to recur on a regular basis?