Saturday, December 11, 2004

Away for a Day

It's Hanukkah and you know what that means. Presents? Candles? Dreidels? Potato Pancakes? Not exactly. In my family, it means I'll be providing tech support by hooking up whatever computerized gifts I bought my parents this year. This year was no different.

I had to leave the boys with Liz Friday night so I could go visit my parents and set up a wireless network for them. Sappy as it seems, I felt really guilty being away from them for so long. Liz was with them Friday night and then came to join me at my parent's house on Saturday morning. We had dinner with my parents and just arrived home around 9 pm on Saturday.

While it's true that the boys had their usual great care from Liz (she even took them to the vet for a scheduled vaccination), I feel really guilty for going away overnight. Liz says the boys were more destructive and rambunctious than usual last night. Now, I'm back and I'm not sure how they feel, b/c they are running around like crazy and wrestling.

Apparently yesterday Arthur chewed through the power cord on my scanner, destroying it. The two of them also ripped some cloth off a dining room chair.

Now here's my question: why were they more destructive than usual. Was it because:

  • They had overcome the trauma of going to the vet and felt good
  • They were mad at Liz for taking them to the vet
  • They were upset because I wasn't there
  • They're just having a rambunctious day


Thumper said...

Could be all of the above, but I'll throw another one in there.

Are they teething? Kitties will rip things to shreds when they're teething--alot like human kidlets. The difference is cats can get to places kids can't, and their teeth are a heck of a lot sharper :::eyes a couple of small scars:::

Anonymous said...

Avram, did you ever get them some plastic drinking straws to teethe on? IMO, those are the BEST (and cheapest) teething aid around. The extra large size, such as those McDonald's uses for milkshakes are purrfect. The plastic is nice and crunchy, and will help satisfy their teething needs, as well as provide a nifty play-toy. You can either tie a knot in them and toss them on the floor for the boys to play with or leave them as-is.

I prefer the second method. My J-Boys loved their plastic straws when they were kittens - used to try to take them away from each other, and the victor would prance like a litte lion cub carrying his prey. At almost three years old, they still become kittens again when I gift them with a new drinking straw.

Cats Guide at

Anonymous said...


I'll second Franny's advice. I took it when she offered it to me when my boys were teething and it worked well. Some other folks recommended cardboard boxes. My guys didn't seem so interested in them then, but now that they are getting their last teeth (molars??), the cardboard seems to do the trick [brief pause while I extract kittens from forbidden zone--twice].

Good luck!

Diane (mom to two 7.5 month old Norwegian Forest kitties)

Timmy said...

Teething Schmeething! I say, let em chew everything! By the way, have you seen my teethywork? I chewed on the arm of the good leather chair 'cause I wanted to. I think it's possible that their teeth hurt but speaking as a cat myself, I can say that you being gone probably had a lot to do with it. I always go nuts when Mommy goes away.

Anonymous said...

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