Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cat Furniture Decision: Still Procrastinating

I've narrowed down my decision on cat furniture to a few choices. I'm considering getting one of the following from Drs. Foster and Smith:

The Classi-Cat Hideout -- on a great sale at $69.99 and looks like it's fully carpeted. What I can't tell from the picture is how secure the carpeting is and how many loose plastic threads there might be. I really want a place where the cats can hide from each other, but I'm not sure if the tunnel in this "hideout" is hidden enough for their liking. Still, I find that cat furniture which has completely enclosed hideouts, tends to have the sharp edges and frayed bits of carpet in the hidden area. This is the manufacturer's way of hiding flaws in construction from humans. At $69.99, if it turns out to be loser, at least it wasn't too expensive.

Amusement Park -- Very similar design to the classi-cat hideout but has sisal posts and it s a little bit taller. We can't have our trees be too tall or too wide, considering the space we live in, but this is just the right size. Problem is that it's twice the price of the classi-cat hideout and doesn't look twice as good.

Fitness Playground -- This is one of the modular, Catnex sets. These modular sets look good, because they don't have any rough edges and whatever carpeting they use is low-pile so it probably won't shed. That said, there's no hiding place at all on this and I have to question whether the cats would really take to it for that reason. Price is good.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I don't have anything to do with this company, but I have bought many pieces of cat furniture over the years, and these are by far the best cat condos I have ever bought. They are made with quality materials, they are attractive, and when placed side by side with another cat condo, my cats always seem to prefer them for some reason. I only posted as anonymous because I couldn't figure out how to sign in, btw.

Anonymous said...

I have found the best cat furniture products on ebay of all places. I bid for the 57' by armarkat at a reasonable price, even with shipping; the cats love it, and it is well-constructed. I also purchased a movable cat perch/scratching board combo which is at a window and is an even bigger hit. Lots of the local pet store furniture is of awful construction.

Anonymous said...

Hey Avram, just about any furniture you get from Drs. F&S will be of good quality. I'd go for the top one on your list--we have two of those and the cats love them. #3 looks good, and is one I haven't seen, but we do have an older freestanding hammock with the same type of comfy "beds" and they all fight over it. Other than that, our tribe's favorites are the plain old trees with two curved places to lay down. Then there's the tree with a slanted branch leading up to the perch--that one is a favorite too, I think because they love that angle to scratch. -J Wickell

Steve Austin said...

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Regarding the catnex set Foster and Smith no longer sells it. You can find it on my site Just wanted to update this blog as lots of visitors are sent to my site from this blog and the information dates back to 2004. Keep up the good work.

Scott - Owner said...

The CATNEX product is not sold by Foster and Smith anymore. We sell it direct at

Just wanted to update the link as many people are coming to the site via your blog.



Avram said...

Thanks Scott. I have updated the link. In my defense, this post is nearly 6 years old.