Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Catnex: The Erector Set of Cat Trees?

In searching for the ultimate, safe cat tree, I found a very interesting company called Feline Furniture that sells modular cat furniture called Catnex. The furniture is made of snap-together plastic building blocks covered with very low-pile carpet and with hammocks or other pieces of cloth attached to the plastic frame.

I like the fact that this is all so modular and that it looks like the carpet won't easily be chewed off. That said, it doesn't look as solid and sturdy as I would want. The site claims that it's sturdy, but I'd be curious to hear from people who have bought it.


socidoc said...

Avram, please check out my comment below on the ALL WOOD scratching post I bought years ago. :-)

Anonymous said...

Avram, I have looked and looked for the plastic furniture recommended by Thumper, but I can't find it either. I can't remember the company name, but I've also seen plastic TV's and cabinets that the cats can get into to play or sleep.

As for sturdy cat furniture, I can recommend the following websites. I have 2 trees from Playtime Workshop, and I have friends who have trees from Custom Cat Purrrniture. The first two sellers have listings on ebay, which is an inexpensive way to get a great tree if you are willing to watch and wait for a good price. These sellers are woodworkers and cat lovers, so they know how to build good furniture.

I don't know if you are handy with tools, and I suppose your options are limited living in a NYC apartment, but you could try to build a simple tall scratching post. I geta 4"x4"x4ft piece of pine, a 3/4" by 2ft square piece of plywood, and a carpet remnant (watch for sales) from a local DIY store. You can use metal brackets and long screws to secure the post to the base, and then use a staple gun or some other means to fasten the carpet or sisal rope to the post. When it starts wear out, you can just replace the covering. It is tall enough for scratching and sturdy enough for climbing. Well, OK, if they take a flying leap from a distance, they can knock it over, but isn't that part of the fun?


Avram said...


Does the cat furniture you bought have carpeting that comes off easily? Are the inside areas (inside the little house or condo) fully carpeted as well? I found my boys pulled the carpet off their old condo b/c it had stiff edges that ended inside the condo.

The makers of my old condo probably figured -- "stick the edges inside the condo where the humans can't see them." I don't want that.

Anonymous said...

I made one myself that works. It's got staples, but you can hide that if you attach it to a book case.

See that small photo towards the end of the page

That outdoor indoor carpeting seems very sturdy. Of course, Pusur is extremely non-destructive, so I'm not sure I can imagine your two...

Anonymous said...

I have the "corner unit" and the "townhouse" from Playtime. The cubby on the townhouse is securely carpeted inside. The only uncarpeted area is under the shelves. I have had these for a year and they have been used by my four cats and an assortment of foster cats, and nothing has come apart so far.

The corner unit is often listed as buy-it-now on ebay for about $65. Even with shipping added, it's cheaper than lower quality more expensive items I've seen at the pet stores.

Also, I think these any of these folks would be happy to answer your questions and concerns via email or phone.

socidoc said...

OK Avram, I've found the website for you! It's and they have the ALL WOOD (cedar) ALL NATURAL scratching posts I mentioned in my comment on another of your blogs, below. They are best for kittens, like yours, before they get 'used to' scratching on carpet, sisal, etc (which gives them the wrong idea about WHAT is appropriate to sharpen their claws on)... they guarantee it! It's $35.95 and it definitely will last a lifetime. Please post what you think of it! No carpet, no fibers, no worries.

Wendy said...

A little off-topic here, but my friend (who doubles as my housecleaner) says she spent the Christmas bonus I gave her on:
Feliway® Pheromone Spray and Diffuser
She has 3 cats, and I think most or all of them are boys.

She is my cat's favoritest person in the universe. It must be the cheeseburgers she feeds the cat, plus the finely crushed catnip.

Anonymous said...

Check with the wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaulke. That had the plastic furnature you are talking about.

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luvs cats said...

I bought these CATNEX furniture pieces & parts over 10 years ago when K-mart was still selling them. Now the carpet has been chewed off string by string but my 7 cats still love it and has basically worn-down their condos & hammocks.

That's why I'm on-line to see where I can find replacement parts.

I built mine to be 3-stories tall and condos & hammocks all over. I placed it in front of the window where the sun rises.

Summary: yes, they do wear down but the cats will enjoy the heck out of it while wearing it down.

Hint: don't be cheap & only order the beginner 1-condo set. cats prefer height. my 3-story condo needed at least 54 beams & 8 beam caps (they used to carpet them but now I see they don't)and eight 5-point connnectors. (don't need any 6-point connectors since I built it all to face forward & nothing juts out.

e-mail me if you want more details (