Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Came Early This Year

(If you saw this post as blank for a few minutes, it's because Arthur jumped on the Enter key just as I started typing it. He blogged!)

Saturday is the official date of Christmas this year, but whatever I get under the tree is a letdown compared to what I got on November 13th, the day my fiancee Liz and I adopted our boys. True, they're not objects; they are living beings with their own needs and wants. But sharing a life with them is a gift and I am thankful for that.

Ok, now that you've puked and lost any respect for me you might have had previously, here's a cute picture of Beowulf, looking up at me:

This scene is re-enacted each morning when I get up and open the bedroom door. Even if I'm just going to the bathroom at 4 am, the boys wake up and start following me around. Since they are not allowed in the bedroom or bathroom, I have to throw a toy their way or find some way to distract them long enough for me to run into the bathroom and shut the door before they can follow.


Amy said...

Merry Christmas, Avram! (and Liz and the boys, too)

Just a quick note to thank you for your blog - I'm grateful that I stumbled across it about a week ago. My cat Tigger passed away on December 8. He was 20 years old and I had him over half my life, so the past two weeks have been pretty difficult. I miss him a lot, and feel his absence most when he's not there to fulfill his part in our daily 'routines' (even now I expect him to jump on my lap and 'help' me type as he always did). I wasn't sure if I could ever get another kitten, especially an orange one, because Tigger is irreplaceable and I wasn't sure I could love another cat or expect it to heal the hole in my heart.

Anyway, Arthur is the spitting image of Tigger when he was a baby. I've enjoyed reading about your boys and have laughed and smiled as I've recalled similar incidents with Tigger. Your blog has helped start the healing process. I will never forget Tigger, but I'm starting to look forward to sharing my life with some new furry friends. I'm leaning towards two, and at least one of them has to be orange. Now I just have to wait for the right ones to come across my path, preferably after the Christmas tree is down because Lord knows that would be way too much temptation for a pair of kittens!

Anonymous said...

Hi Avram, it's Lissette. I'm catching up on your kitty blog and far from wanting to puke, I'm loving what a great Cat Daddy you are (and Liz is a great Cat Mommy).