Monday, December 13, 2004

Eating Their Crunchies

Liz called me at work to say she just got home and saw the boys eating their dry food, a little at a time. I hope this means that they are ok and just weren't hungry before. Perhaps they prefer dry food to wet b/c they are in the middle of teething. We'll find out more when I feed them their can of wet food tonight.


Thumper said...

Is it the same flavor of wet food every time? I ask only because my cat gets upset if he's served the same flavor more than 2 days in a row. He won't eat it, and he's really obnoxious until we give him something else. Since your kitties aren't spoiled yet (and I know mine is totally spoiled) they might react to food boredome by just passing up a meal and waiting to see what comes next.

Avram said...

Actually, we have four different flavors that we are alternating between right now, all of which they've eaten and enjoyed at one time or another.