Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Floor No More

I can live with a little cat-based destruction. If the boys destroy a computer part, I'll get an upgrade. If they scratch a piece of furniture, I'll get another one someday. But the one thing I can't easily replace is my (formerly) beautiful hardwood floor. As time has gone by, I've noticed more and more cracks and crevices in the glossy wood surface. It's not just the finish either, that's wearing off. It's actual holes and pits in the wood planks that weren't there before.

Could it be the boys' claws? They don't scratch at the floor, but they do run all over the floor and wrestle each other. They also tend to kick up a lot of litter granules and drag them around. We clip the boys' nails weekly so they can't even scratch hard enough to hard our upholestry.


socidoc said...

I lived for two years with my two (adult) cats in a lovely two-story hardwood floored home. My kitties get regular nail clipping but at least one of them regularly played 'slide into home' on the waxed floors, and thus I am sure they both scratched the floors somewhat. However, I don't believe they ever dug into the floor or created new 'holes' which weren't there beforehand. I'd say your floors are very likely undergoing a natural aging process. Wax and polish them occasionally and you'll cover up any kitten-scratches. Anybody have any different experiences?

Avram said...

It's possible that the floors are just poorly made and we're noticing it more now that we are constantly picking up litter from the floor and getting down on the floor to play with them.

The floors are only about a year and a half old since we moved into this apartment shortly after the floor had been installed for the last tenant.

Jenn said...

Before we bought the new wall-to-wall carpet, we had hard wood floors. I noticed after about a week or so of having Timothy in the house that he had managed to put some nice scratches in the wood. But I never noticed any that would go deep enough to be considered a crack so I would have to agree with sociodoc that your floor may be aging itself...though the poodies are probably helping out a little ;) Now...the leather chair, that's a whole other story. Timothy's teethywork is evident on the arms of the chair!