Thursday, December 30, 2004

Getting Bigger All the Time

I wish I had a kitty scale so I could weigh my boys on a regular basis. They seem to be getting bigger and growing all the time. Liz and I just returned home from dinner -- we were gone for maybe 2 hours -- and it seems like the boys have grown in the interim.

I apologize for the lack of photos here. I think I will have to take some of the pics we had of them when we first adopted them and then take a pic now and put them side by side. In their first month with us, we know they doubled in size, because the vet weighed them twice and they went from two pounds to four pounds.

The past day or two they are also eating a ton. They usually don't finish all the kibble or wet food we leave for them, but lately they vacuum it right up, down to the very last chunk of dry food or the very last lick of chicken & liver (their previously least favorite flavor). Could they be going through a growth spurt?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Avram,

Once again, ebay to the rescue. My very first purchase was a baby/pet scale to weigh my cats. I later ordered one for the cat shelter and another one for a friend. Just search for "baby scale" and you should be able to get a good deal on a 44 or 50 lb scale. They are very accurate and much cheaper than buying the equivalent item from a vet supply company.


Thumper said...

Got a People scale? We just get on it while holding the cat, then get on it again without him and subtract one number from the other. Since our scale does ounces, we get a pretty good idea how much he weighs (too much, actually.)

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