Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hand to Mouth

I have to snag a picture of this later so I can post it here. In the meantime, a description will have to do.

Last night, I finally got the boys to eat out of my hand. Perhaps this is typical cat behavior and it means nothing to most cat guardians, but it meant a lot to me, because they were never willing to take food from my hand before.

In the past, they would act like I was trying to force them into something when I'd take a treat and stick it in my hand in front of them. They didn't even like the treats I had bought them (Nutro Max Tartar Control Treats). I figured that my boys just didn't like treats at all.

However, I talked to About.com's Cat Guide, Franny Syufy, about treats and she suggested that I try bonito Tuna flakes. Last night, I opened up a box and gave the bonito flakes a try.

After I put a bonito flake in my hand, I approached Beowulf. He sniffed my palm and then I slid the tuna flake down to the tips of my fingers where he snapped it up and ate it. I tried another flake and he did the same thing. I then felt emboldened and wanted to see if he would eat other things out of my hand. So I took a piece of the boys' kibble and tried that. Beowulf ate it. Finally, I whipped out the bag of Nutro Tartar Control treats and lo and behold, Beowulf at that too. Arthur was a little more cautious, but did eat the tuna flakes from my hand.

I think this is a sign of trust and a new stage in our relationship, but I could be making a mountain out of a piece of kibble. What do you think?


Thumper said...

Hey, we've had Max for 3 years and I doubt he would eat out of my hand. Not unless he felt like biting me...

Anonymous said...

Dont forget they ate out of my hand too.

The Fiancée :)

Carol-Ann Wodehouse said...

I have two cats Joe & Newman and they both eat out of my hand. In fact, Joe literally takes it with his claw and puts it in his mouth it is quite funny to see