Monday, December 06, 2004

Little Child, Running Wild

Beowulf was just going nuts this afternoon. Strike that, he's still a bit nuts. Liz, who gets home around 2 pm, called me to tell me about how Beowulf. Among his crimes dejour:
  • Chewed through the speaker wires on her computer
  • Pulled a rubberband our of Liz's hair (while it was on her head)
  • Turned over a throw rug we use to wipe our feet and started chewing through the bottom

When I got home, it didn't stop. He pulled a piece of poop out of the litterbox and was playing with it on the kitchen floor. Now he's wrestling with his brother again. What gives?


Zoe said...

wow, i like it. your cats are really really cute. I'm sorry that Arthurs eye is bad. I happen to have 2 cats myself. They're names are Mocha and Dante. You can cehck out my page(if u want to, it is pretty bad compared to yours) it is

Bye BYe

Wendy said...

They just have those "mad minutes." Our cat ambushes us a couple of times a night. Or she gets on the coffee table and bats things off until we get out the laser pointer to play with her.

It's a good thing Beowulf has a brother to wrassle with, as an only cat he would be very, very bored and lonely.