Sunday, December 19, 2004

Livingroom or Rubber Room

Honestly, I think I need a rubber room for my boys. They don't mean to be, but they are incredibly destructive right now. Their latest crime: ripping Liz's office chair open and pulling out the foam rubber stuffing.


socidoc said...

Do you and Liz set aside a few minutes each day (or more) when you focus your attentions just on the kitties? Playing with them, amusing them, petting them, giving them 'quality time'? That's what all cats need. If you do, then they are probably just being kittens ... kittens who happen to need a lot of oversight and 'baby sitting', along with a good shot from a water-sprayer (filled with water) when they misbehave. I'd suggest when you FIND THEM DOING BAD (not afterwards, as it will have no meaning to them), say 'no Arthur' or 'no Beowulf' SHARPLY, followed by a squirt of water in the face. Water won't hurt them but it will stop them. Then, after a minute or so, pet them and say 'we love you and good kitty'. Reassure them you love them. Cats do learn this way, and it isn't harmful. Give it a try! But only if you catch them IN THE ACT, as I said. Otherwise, it's useless and you'll just have to cope. :-)

Avram said...

Believe me. We spend a lot of time each day playing with the cats, picking them up, using interactive toys, petting them, feeding them, grooming them. If there's a problem I think it's that they have come to expect us to be giving them 100% of our attention whenever we are home.