Monday, December 13, 2004

A Month With the Boys

It has now been exactly a month since the day we adopted the boys. Somehow it seems like longer. Perhaps that is because, during this first month, we have gone through:
  • 5 Different trips to various vets
  • 2.5 bags of litter
  • 60 cans of wet food
  • 2 4-pound bags of dry food
  • 2 medical emergencies (a severe cough and a swollen eye)
  • Around 4 boxes of tissues
  • One kitty condo that fell apart
  • One power cord chewed through and destroyed
  • 3 or 4 different types of cat repellant which were ineffective at keeping the boys away from a spot or from chewing something

Despite all these things, it has really been a great month, because I have experienced the range of emotions and experiences I was hoping to feel by bringing cats into my family. So far, I have learned that:

  • I am capable of caring for an animal as much as I care about any person. I thought I might see the cats as a chore I had to do, but instead I see them as family members I love and enjoy seeing when I get home each day.
  • I can successfully take care of someone. I had worried I would do something wrong that would harm the cats. I haven't (so far anyway).
  • Objects, even expensive ones, are not as important as living things (I'm not upset about the scanner my cats broke, but I am concerned that they almost hurt themselves in breaking it).
  • I can take pride in the achievements and development of my "children." I'm actually really pleased that they grew from 2 pounds to 4 pounds since I got them.
  • Even a pair of rambunctious cats can appreciate me for who I am. I was worried the cats wouldn't like me, but I was wrong about that.

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Anonymous said...

Can I safely say "I told you so" now, Avram? I've seen you as a cat kind of guy since you first started asking tentative questions about cats. The only thing I had any doubts whatsoever about was whether you would be able to successfully deal with the allergy issues.

As for being a good "cat dad," in my opinion, you're the best! And, mark my words, those kittens are going to adore you.