Monday, December 13, 2004

Not in the Mood for Food?

The boys haven't eaten much of their last two meals (last night and this morning's feedings) and that has me a bit concerned. They'll go over and peck at their food, but not eat much of it. Otherwise, they seem ok. They are rambunctious as ever and I get the sense they'd rather play than eat. Before you post, asking if I changed food on them, let me say that:

  • I'm feeding them the same brand / flavor of food as always. In fact, I tried two different flavors this morning.
  • They are being fed at the same time
  • I'm using the same food bowls in the same place
  • They are following me into the kitchen when I dispense the food and meowing until I put the bowls on the floor for them.

The only thing I can think of, which could interfere with their appetite is the fact that they were vaccinated on Friday. But they had a healthy appetite Friday night and all day Saturday and even Sunday morning. Could this be a delayed reaction to the vaccination?

They don't seem sick or otherwise upset though. They are incredibly active and they are using the litterbox as always.


Wendy said...

My cat herds me to the catfood bag and prances around like she is starving and anxious that I hurry up and feed her.

I give her a dollop of food in her dish, and she suddenly is completely uninterested. She may even walk away, wait a minute or two, then go back and start nibbling.

I think the food begging/herding behavior is just a power play she puts on us for attention and dominance.

Anonymous said...

Loss of appetite in cats should always be taken seriously. It is even more serious for kittens because of their lower body mass. It is possible that they are having a reaction to the vaccine. At this point I wouldn't worry too much but if they are still not eating normally by tomorrow I would definitely call the vet and discuss it. You didn't mention whether or not they are drinking normally but that is an important factor too.

Other than vaccines it is not uncommon for cats to experience the occasional stomach upset which will usually go away after a day but any longer than that and I would consult the vet.

Ellen aka Calamintha