Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Watching TV with My Boys

Who would have thought that a pair of rambunctious kittens would enjoy watching Godzilla movies as much as I do? Perhaps they just enjoy laying down with me while I'm watching TV. The past couple of nights I've sat down to watch TV and had one or both of the boys lay down next to me.

Tonight, I'm working on the computer and Beowulf has been sleeping next to the mouse so I can pet him while he rests.

The bottom line is that when it's night time and the boys are feeling relaxed, they love to cuddle with daddy.


Muddy, said...

Aw -- that is a sweet picture. I have a cat who is only looking for a warm body to sleep on. lol

RJ said...

cat sleeping next to the mouse.. THAT i gotta see! lol

socidoc said...

~what a precious picture Avram~ really sweet!

Anonymous said...

We like wholesale destruction daddy. It gives us ideas for when we decide to go wild around the house.

Arthur & Beowulf