Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Will They Forgive Us?

In the interest of keeping them healthy and safe, we end up doing a lot of things to the boys that they don't like. We often wonder if we've pushed it too far and they'll start to dislike or distrust us.

We'll do things like hold them still to give them medicine, clip their nails, or groom them. We'll thrust them into a carrier to take them to the vet. We'll run the vacuum cleaner and make scary noises. We'll keep them away from places they want to go and yell "no" at them if they go there.

Tonight, we're doing something extra mean and I feel guilty about it, but it's for their own safety. We've put them both into their carrier while we clean. Liz is cleaning the bathroom and bedroom and for that she has to keep the doors to both open. Both places are very dangerous for the boys and they aren't allowed in either one at all. The bathroom was sprayed last week by the building's exterminator and the bedroom contains all kinds of things that aren't safe for cats. With the doors open and no secure room in our one-bedroom apartment to put the cats in, we have to keep them in their carrier for an hour or two while we clean.

Oh, and we clipped their nails tonight. They're really not happy with us, but do you think they'll hold a grudge for this sort of thing?


Anonymous said...

I'm the medicine giver, nail trimmer, etc., (and hubby is the food and play provider, etc.,) and the cats seem to realize that anything I do to them is for their own good and forgive me (eventually). We once had a kitten with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy who required much medication and frequent testing, and although I was always the bad guy, he looked to me during testings and ran to me during thunderstorms and fireworks for comfort.

On the other hand, my sister had to give up her cat to me when her apartment went pet free while she was in college, and that cat NEVER forgave her. But that cat and I became very best friends and she became a one person (me) cat. But you're just enclosing them, not abandoning them, so I think they will forgive you.

Do you keep their carrier available to them all the time? Our cats like to sleep in theirs and that makes it a lot less traumatic when we need to put them in there to be transported.


socidoc said...

Yes Avram, they will forgive you! If you have noticed, when you take the boys to the vet in their carrier, they may resist getting *into* the carrier on the way to the vet, but they will happily get back into the carrier on the way home! That's because it is familiar to them and comforting to them. I agree with the previous post in that I always take out my girls' carriers the *night before* they are going to the vet, leave them open and available for curious kitties to explore overnight, then the next day they tend to get into them without so much trouble. And yes, they are mad for awhile, but you are, after all, taking good care of them, which eventually they will realize! I guarantee it! :-)

Timmy said...

I don't mind getting my nails clipped. Mommy does it nice and doesn't hurt me so I'm ok with it. She usually clips Tangie's nails too which always gives me a thrill! (Tangie is the red-factor canary that lives with me). I like my carrier. Sometimes I climb in it for fun. When I have to go somewhere, I usually get into it on my own a'cause I like my doctor. He's real nice to me and made my belly all better.