Monday, January 17, 2005

Another Day, Another Boatload of Cat Expenses

Wow, I think maybe I went a bit overboard ordering cat stuff online. I didn't even get a cat tree and I spent $175 on stuff just now, ordering from two different online stores. But it was all stuff we pretty much need. Here's what I got.

From, which is offering free shipping this week on orders over $40, I got:

I know I got a lot of Petstages toys, but Petsmart happens to have a really good selection and some of the more interesting Petstages toys are hard to come by. If you read my previous post about Petstages brand toys, you know they are the best brand of cat toy I've seen. They are really durable, intelligently made, and the boys love them. I can't wait to try out the new wand toys with them.

I also ordered some things from Drs. Foster & Smith, which is a good place to shop for pet products, but they mainly carry their own products so I can't use them for my litter, pet food, or for Petstages brand toys. From Foster & Smith, I got:

Now, tell me. Was any of that stuff really unnecessary? I have to replace the boys' scratching post so I decided to give the Ultimate Scratching Post a shot because it has sissal (which the boys like) but no carpeting. I figure they need a hiding place so I got the Pyramid and, of course, more interactive toys may distract them from doing destructive things. Food and litter are staples that I have to get on a regular basis so I'm not even going to question those expenses.

I guess being a cat guardian can get expensive between trips to the vet, giant bags of litter, cases of food and the little intangibles like toys and treats that just add up. Of course, I can't put a price on the feeling I got this afternoon when both boys were sleeping with their paws around my arm as I watched TV.


Peggy said...

Yaaayyy!!!!! You got them Da Bird! All the other stuff sounds great, too. What lucky boys to have such good parents!

Yes, being a cat parent gets quite expensive, especially if you give them high-quality food and vet care, as well as spoil them with toys and fun stuff. But as you know, it's money well-spent for the love and happiness you get in return.

Avram said...

I'm still worried about the boys swallowing a feather from Da Bird, but for $3.99 I'll give it a shot. If it looks like they're going to swallow something, it goes in the garbage.

socidoc said...

Once again i detect a few signs of your perhaps over-zealous worrying about your kitties. Remember, kitties who are not inside all the time DO catch birds! And they DO swallow feathers! Cats are made for this. Please don't over-protect your boys so much that they don't even experience "kitty life". If they swallow a feather, so be it!