Thursday, January 06, 2005

Arthur Getting Bigger Too

By popular request, here are some pictures of Arthur to show you how much he's grown. When we got him, he was smaller than Beowulf and Beowulf was acting like the alpha. Now, Arthur is much bigger (I think because he is eating more). The first pic below was taken the first week we had the boys (around November 19th or so). The second pic was taken last week (December 31st). That's a 7-week difference:


socidoc said...

Good on ya, Avram~! Thanks for the Arthur pix... yeah they are growing like weeds! You know, orange/ginger cats are noted for being sweetie-pies... sweet temperaments, very gentle souls. Looks like you found your kitty soul-mates. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us :-)

Morven said...

He's so cute, and has such lovely big ears!