Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bad Bed Blues

Again, I ask why it is that cat product makers cannot consider cat safety when making their products. As a cat guardian, I try and I try, but it's nearly impossible to find cat furniture or products that are truly kitten proof.

This morning, my shipment arrived with the Pyramid Bed I had ordered. This bed looks nice in the picture and I figured it would be a fairly safe hideway for the boys. However, within minutes, we found several potential problems with it:

  • It has stitched seams on the inside and the boys were able to pull string out of them (we don't want them swallowing string).
  • The dangling puff ball had to be removed because it was covered in dried glue (at least it comes off)
  • The bed is soft fabric and does not hold its shape well. Beowulf tried climbing on top of it and I had to stop him because his brother was inside and the roof of the pyramid nearly came down on him.
  • Once you remove the puffball, you see that there is a piece of sharp plastic that was holding it in place. If the bed is crushed down on a cat (from another cat climbing on top), I worry that the piece of sharp plastic could injure the cat inside.
There goes another $20. At least it was only $20.


Anonymous said...

Hi Avram, I found you & Fiancee Liz and "the boys" about a week ago and have been following your adventures and reading your archives. You sure have a handful!!! I've always had older cats who are much more sedate, so learning about kittens are a real eye opener for me! It is terrible that pet manufacturers don't seem to be regulated like childrens toy and product manufacturers are: by having to meet certain safety or quality guidelines. Or at least by reading what you have to say there doesn't seem to be any in place! Buyer beware seems to be the rule.

Little Lesbian said...

hey avram! i just found your blog the other day and i found it heartwarming - i've obviously started reading your archives :)

i know this post was from a realllly long time ago, but what did you ever end up doing with the pyramid bed?

i got one of them for my cat Bilbo about two years ago. we've since adopted two more furballs and all three love that thing. the ball is still in tact and even though when the pyramid smushes down, no one's ever gotten hurt (we also keep the bed under the coffee table, so jumping is minimized).

i never would have even thought to look for dried glue, but thanks for the heads up for future toy purchases.

mostly, i just wanted to say hey and your boys are adorable and i'm very much enjoying reading your adventures!

-liz (but not your fiance liz, hehe)