Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Batting at Pictures

We've given up a lot for our boys. We've taken all of our knick-knacks and put them in drawers for fear the boys would swallow them or knock them over. We've forgone simple things like plants, flowers, and vases b/c they pose a danger to the boys. This past weekend, we even replaced our diningroom chairs with a whole new set because the boys were pulling string off of the old ones.

But there's one thing I really don't want to give up and that's the collection of photographs we're using to decorate our walls. We live in New York City and our apartment has a New York theme. We've covered the walls with framed black and white photos of New York landmarks. Above my desk, I have several photos of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building (my favorite skyscraper), and Central Park. Liz has pics of the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center above her desk. Our couch has a giant pic of Times Square from 1943 above it. We love these pics and we took months to pick them out, buy them, and frame them all.

Unfortunately, most of the frames are glass and they will break if the pictures fall on the floor. Today, Beowulf climbed on top of the bookshelf and was batting at our photo of the Empire State Building. If he had knocked it off its nail, I'd hate to think about the possibility of he or his brother getting seriously hurt by the broken glass. We're trying to keep the boys away from the top of the bookshelf by putting our Skat-Cat on top of it, but they're not always afraid of it and the top of the bookshelf is just one place where the boys can reach our pictures. Help!

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