Thursday, January 20, 2005

Did They Swallow Wire?

A few minutes after I got home today, I saw Arthur batting around a small piece of wire. You've probably seen this type of wire. It was a thin copper wire with clear plastic shielding that was attached to Liz's stereo and served as the antenna. We threw out the remaining wire from the stereo (no more radio for us) and the shred that we found Arthur playing with. Honestly, we didn't think they'd get to this wire because it was tucked away, bound with a tie, and we had sprayed it with bitter apple cat repellant.

We don't know if there was another piece of wire that was swallowed or if what we found was the whole thing. We suspect that there may have been another little piece of wire because the other end of the wire had a loop in it and we cannot find a loop on the end that was chewed off. We looked under every piece of furniture, but if a piece of wire exists, it's so tiny that it could be under anything or could have fallen into any crevice or crack. What if they swallowed some? How would we even know?

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