Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Disco Cats

Last night around 1 am, Liz and I were laying in bed and trying to fall asleep when we were jarred awake by the sound of disco music coming from the livingroom. We rushed out to the livingroom only to find that Arthur had managed to turn on the stereo and was now hiding in the bookshelf, scared out of his wits by the sudden influx of loud noises.

The cats already type on the computer and watch TV. What's next? Am I going to come home and find the boys watching a DVD of The Cat from Outer Space?


Anonymous said...

~LOL~ I can only imagine how it must have felt to be jolted out of a near-slumber to DISCO! Too much! Maybe Arthur is a reincarnation of the BeeGee brothers or sumthin'... how rude for you! :-) Please keep these blogs coming. I really enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

How about getting your own back on your kits? Eclipse the notoriety of Nohands? Have a look at this link for inspiration
p.s. would love to hear the kits speak for themselves.
Keep on posting.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say...that picture is SO cute. I have one of my kitty and their facial expressions are EXACT. I took pictures of my kittens in their cages in the shelter when I decided to adopt them. They are sooo cute. Also those tags are ENORMOUS! No wonder they are always bugging with them! I got one for my puppy at PetCo and its really small but it fits all the info. Have you decided what to do about the collar/tag issue?

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! One of my little ones has turned on the TV before by knocking the remote of the table and playing with it.

~Charity (RareTune@aol.com)

Morven said...

how cute - Arthur's a singing kitty!