Saturday, January 15, 2005

Dragon Slaying Cats

Well, this morning I heard a little thump when I was in the bedroom sleeping and my intuition told me that the boys had knocked something over. So I went out into the livingroom and noticed the boys batting around a jade dragon that had been sitting at the very top level of our bookshelf. The dragon, much like the Sphinx, was now missing its nose.

I quickly grabbed the dragon and noticed the missing nose. Was I angry? Not really. I was more concerned that the boys may have swallowed the nose. I immediately woke Liz up and we started a grid search for the missing nose, hoping to find it under a piece of furniture. We did a forensic analysis straight out of CSI and figured out that the nose had probably rolled under a chair. Low and behold, we were relived to find it there, rather than finding out the boys had swallowed it.

Nevertheless, the top of the bookshelf is new territory for the boys and now it is empty because we took everything off of it.

Tomorrow, we're going to Ikea and we're hoping to buy a whole bunch of new furniture to accomodate our kitten-proof lifestyle. We want to get a bookshelf that has glass doors on it (so we can put display items like the dragons behind glass) and we're going to get a whole new set of diningroom chairs that are all wood and metal (the cats ripped the thread off of our current set and we had to put them in the bedroom).

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