Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fantastic Deal at Thru Jan 23 is offering free shipping until January 23rd with the coupon code JANFREE. I mention this because, even though the small print says they may charge extra for "heavy items," I just ordered a lot of food and a 17-lb bag of World's Best Cat Litter and the shipping was still free. In fact, the UPS Web site says that my shipment will arrive tomorrow, only two days after I ordered it!

For those of you who like World's Best Cat Litter or just want to try a bag, is one of the least expensive places to get it at only $16.99 for the 17-lb bag. I'm not one to normally one schill products or talk about sales, but I know how expensive World's Best can be at the store (our local Petco charges $30 for the same bag) so I'm just pointing this out for those of you who might be interested.


socidoc said...

Hello Avram,
Say, a comment on your choice of litter... I've just discovered at Target (kinda like KMart or Ames) a brand of litter called S'wheat, which is made entirely 100% of wheat and is scoopable/flushable! It's cheaper than your World's Best (I recently paid $7.50 for 15 pounds). One box is enough for my cat litter box which is actually a large Rubbermaid 'tote'. You might check it out! My cats seem to get along just fine with it.

Avram said...

The first litter I tried was Swheat Scoop, which is wheat-based and is cheaper than World's Best. Liz and I found ourselves sneezing until we switched to World's Best. Swheat Scoop (or any other wheat-based litter) is good stuff, but just not right for me.

Also, I might add that World's Best clumps better and smells better than the Swheat Scoop does.

Anonymous said...

Your litter might smell better than Swheat Scoop (which has no odor) but cats don't like perfumed litter - only their owners do. They only put up with it because they have no choice. Still I think it's awful that you are allergic to wheat and understand why you can't use it. That's a real bummer, man.